Marillion – Misplaced ChildhoodWhen Marillion released its third studio album, “Misplaced Childhood,” they gained worldwide notoriety pushing progressive rock back into the main strem. Decades later, it still remains the British quintet’s most commercially successful release, containing the two top five hits, “Kayleigh” and “Lavender.” In July of 2017 Parlaphone will release a multi-CD & Blu-Ray set that includes the original album containing an all-new 5.1 surround remix by acclaimed producer Steven Wilson, along with high resolution 24bit / 96k stereo mixes. Also included is a previously unreleased concert from Holland that contain the band performing Misplaced Childhood in its entirety, along with demos and rarities all remastered exclusively for this set. Rounding out the disc are Wilson’s Surround Sound and Stereo remixes of “Lady Nina,” and the B-side to “Kayleigh.”

Presented in a case-bound book with a 60-page booklet containing liner notes written by rock writer Dave Everley, CD 1 features the complete remastered album, CD 2 and 3 include a live concert recorded Live at the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in the city of Utrecht in October 1985, plus CD4 contains  demos & B-sides. The Blu-ray includes the surround and stereo remixes, and also contains promo videos and a making of documentary, but I am certain you are getting it for the high resolution and 5.1 Surround Sound mixes of the album!

Original singer Fish (Derek Dick), guitarist Steve Rothery, along with keyboardist Mark Kelly, plus bassist Pete Trewavas and percussionist Ian Mosley went to Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin to record Misplaced Childhood, Germany at the start of spring in 1985. Written as two continuous pieces of music, the concept album cycles through songs that explored themes of lost love, lost childhood, and more. Hitting the streets just a few weeks later in June 1985, the album was an immediate success, topping the U.K. album chart and earning platinum status. The super great news is all eight early albums are scheduled to receive this kind of deluxe set treatment, so start saving now.

For analog collectors, a 180-gram 4-LP vinyl box set of Misplaced Childhood will be available featuring the newly remastered version of the original album and the entire concert from Holland.

It is important to note that the first 1000 copies sold through the bands official store, (Racket) will be signed by Steve Rothery, Pete Trewavas, Ian Mosley and Mark Kelly.


  • 4 CD + Blu-ray with 5.1 and 24/96k stereo mixes.  Also available on 180-gram vinyl..


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