Mike Oldfield - Return to Ommadawn - 5.1 DVD surround review

Mike Oldfield - Return to OmmadawnAfter asking fans for their opinion on what direction to take for his next album, Mike Oldfield discovered that many of them wanted him to go back to the acoustic style of his earliest works, specifically citing Ommadawn to be a favorite among fans. Thus work on a new album began in December 2015, taking nearly a year to complete. Following his roots, this is a pure solo work, he says “I’m the only musician who is involved. I play everything. There are no guest appearances whatsoever on Return to Ommadawn.”  A total of 22 different instruments can be heard including guitars, mandolin, acoustic bass, African drums, bodhran,  and a tin whistle, among many others.

OK, that’s not exactly true, as those with keen ears will notice a very brief choral burst from the Penrhos Kids at the end of the second track, titled “Part II”. As a way of linking these two albums across more than 40 years Oldfield felt it was critical to contain a follow-up to the original “On Horseback,” the final song on “Ommadawn”. So, he excerpted one line from the children’s choir who sang on that track and inserted it on the new release.

While the album has been specifically designed for vinyl, Return to Ommadown contains two tracks each, about 20 minutes long. But you know since we are reviewing it here on Mediaversal, other formats will be available including a CD / DVD edition that contains a 5.1 surround mix of the entire album, although it may be the vinyl one that matters the most to you.

Scheduled for release January 20, 2017


  • CD / DVD Limited Deluxe Edition.  Also available on Vinyl.

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