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We are sharing our passion for music by providing insightful reviews about a variety of releases. Ideally every disc you listen to will provide as much pleasure as it has for us. Many of the releases we will include are available in multi-channel hi-resolution formats, for which we will focus on the quality of the sound and mix.

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Gong - Rejoice! I'm Dead!

Gong - Rejoice! I'm Dead! - DVD-A 5.1 surround review

Not readily apparent to many Gong fans, is the availability of the Deluxe Edition 2 CD / 1 DVD-A edition of Gong’s latest album “Rejoice, I’m Dead! Featuring the voice of founding member the late Daevid Allen on two tracks, along with guest appearances from Steve Hillage and Didier Malherbehe. Fans must Rejoice, their 28th album continues their legendary multi-decade psychedelic journey. Contemporary and classic members unite to produce an undeniably 'Gong sound which steers the music into… Continue Reading

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